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Introduction to the Chagrin Within Podcast in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

This is the first of many episodes to come of the Chagrin Within podcast. This is a podcast for and about the Chagrin Falls, Ohio community. This first episode serves to give you an introduction to the plan for this podcast and introduce you to the hosts, Patric Fransko and Heidi Baumgart.

Chagrin Within Hosts Patric Fransko and Heidi Baumgart

Meet the Hosts

Patric Fransko – Patric is married with two children enrolled in the Chagrin Falls Schools. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio before spending 30 years living in a variety of places in including living in Tokyo, Japan and Southern California. Patric owns a small digital marketing agency that has presence in the Village as well as Southern California that works with small to medium sized businesses all across the US. He moved to Chagrin Falls in 2018 to be closer to his parents and enroll his 6th and 8th graders in Chagrin Falls schools. He started the Chagrin Falls, Ohio Community Facebook, Instagram, website and this podcast to shine a positive light on how great the Chagrin Falls community is. Patric enjoys toying around with cool automobiles of any kind and you may have noticed his 1967 Toyota FJ40 parked around town. He also attends Fellowship Bible Church with his family and enjoys watching his children participate in their sports endeavors.

Heidi Baumgart – Heidi is a builder of brands, team, culture and community.  She is a Chagrin Valley resident where she and her husband, Devin, are raising two charismatic small humans. She is proudly the President of her lake community government after spending two years as social chair connecting her neighbors through social and civic engagement. With Chagrin schools, Heidi is in the PTO, a head room parent, and volunteers time for career days and yearbook. She leads the development of brand and product marketing, e-commerce, and sales enablement as Director of Marketing at Chagrin-based company Arborwear.  Heidi is also a very proud Kent State University alum, and has returned to the Golden Flashes community to teach Advertising Copywriting and Storytelling part-time. In her free time, you’ll find her in the used books section at Fireside Book Shop or enjoying a mortadella pizza and wine at Crumb and Spigot.

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