Martha Vucsko From La Look Boutique on Chagrin Within Podcast

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Martha Vucsko From La Look Boutique on the Chagrin Within Podcast

Martha Vucsko From La Look Boutique on the Chagrin Within Podcast

As things gets ready to begin opening up, we welcome Martha Vucsko From La Look Boutique onto the Chagrin Within podcast. Not only has La Look had to deal with the same pandemic related concerns as every other business owner, she had just moved shop just prior to the mandatory closure. Martha has over 25 years experience as a Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, Fitness and Nutritional Coach.

Martha’s love of makeup artistry early on evolved into her first business venture in skincare distribution. In 1996, as a licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician, she decided to open a spa focused solely on all-natural skin care. La Look Spa provided facials, massage, waxing, nail services and body treatments. After two years, Martha noted people were starting to love this new “spa” idea and decided to evolve into a medical spa. This cutting-edge idea lead to women having non-invasive options for their skincare. Still Martha continued to seek new concepts for her clients when she became a “wellness” spa in 2006. Continually trying to change her business to reflect the needs of her clients is her main focus.

Martha Vucsko From La Look Boutique on the Chagrin Within Podcast 2



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